Dungeon Siege 2 LAN network play – button not working

To Play Dungeon Siege 2 over LAN or by IP add following line to Windows Hosts file and restart the game: dsiege2.available.gamespy.com

To customize resolution in game (menu stays ugly) and skip intros add these parameters to game shortcut:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege 2\DungeonSiege2.exe" nointro=true fullscreen=false width=1920 height=1080 bpp=32 maxfps=60

Resident Evil 5 FOV mod

Resident Evil 5 have really narrow field of view, which causes dizzyness / motion sickness for some people.
Luckily someone made a great mod, which makes FOV much more enjoyable.

Here you can see the effect of wider FOV:


*UPDATE* 2013-02-26


Download uPl00ChrisNormal.zip and extract uPl00ChrisNormal.arc to folder
Resident Evil 5\nativePC\Image\Archive

Download uPl01ShebaNormal.zip and extract uPl01ShebaNormal.arc to folder
Resident Evil 5\nativePC\Image\Archive


Crimsonland 1.0.2

In a long gone year 2002, a great game was made, called Crimsonland.

You are playing as a man, which alone survives against a horde of monsters, finding weapons, ammo and different items along the fight.
Unfortunately the end is only one – death. It only depends how long can you manage to survive.

Crimsonland was first made free (last freeware version was 1.40), and later became fully paid game (1.9+).

There are different old versions scattered on the net. Here are 3 free versions I could find:


All of them run fine even on modern systems and in x64 operating systems.

It’s a great game you can enjoy even during a lunch break at work.

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Skyrim crashes to desktop after installing mods

After Skyrim’s release last year a lot of mods came out, for improving graphics and UI in the game.
However when I tried to install some – the game started to crash.

The reason for it, as it appears, was outdated game (i han the initial release version).
After installing the 1.5 update ( The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Update 7) the game stopped crashing.

The latest update can be found by file name: rupdate7-tesvs.rar

Some mirrors: