Resident Evil 5 FOV mod

Resident Evil 5 have really narrow field of view, which causes dizzyness / motion sickness for some people.
Luckily someone made a great mod, which makes FOV much more enjoyable.

Here you can see the effect of wider FOV:


*UPDATE* 2013-02-26


Download and extract uPl00ChrisNormal.arc to folder
Resident Evil 5\nativePC\Image\Archive

Download and extract uPl01ShebaNormal.arc to folder
Resident Evil 5\nativePC\Image\Archive


20 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 FOV mod

    • As there is “Normal” word in the file name – it works only with standard outfits. I, personally do not know how to make it work with custom ones, sorry.

      • Sorry, I thought you made it :-/ But now re-reading the post, I see you actually said “someone made” … can you tell me where the person who made it posts so I can ask them to make a Sheba Business FOV mod? lol thnx

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