Need For Speed: Most Wanted HD Texture Mod

When I recently reinstalled NFS: Most Wanted, I wondered if the game is able to be a look more visually appealing.

Here is a screenshot before / after modifications:
NFS Most Wanted HD texture mod modern

The first thing I discovered is “NFSMW Resolution Changer“, small utility that allows to set any custom resolution of the game (originally maximum resolution was 1280×1024, no widescreen support).

Resolution was big improvement for the game, but original textures looked stretched and blurry on HD screen. Fortunately user “FDen” did a great retexturing work and improved resolution of many textures in the game, so it looks awesome in HD now. The mod is called “Modern Rockport“. To use it, you will need a DirectX texture replacement utility – Texmod.

To combine both these methods of improving game’s graphics you need to run them both as follows:

1. Run the nfsmwres.exe resolution changer.
2. Run Texmod.exe (“Package mode”)
3. Choose “speed.exe” by clicking on the folder button on the top.
4. Press the small Folder button in the middle and select “Modern Rockport 1.0.tpf” file
5. Run the game by pressing “Run” button in Texmod.

Here is how you run the game:

Need For Speed most wanted texmod custom resolution

That way, the game will use new textures and HD resolution.

I have mirrored all these tools here for download:

NFSMW Resolution Changer:
Modern Rockport Texture Mod: Rockport 1.0.tpf

Some scereenshots of modified game:

102 thoughts on “Need For Speed: Most Wanted HD Texture Mod

  1. Hey man, everything is working fine except the fullscreen mod. I’ve tried it before on my laptop and it still isn’t working. Any idea why? I really wanna play nfsmw fullscreen xD


  2. When launching with the run button, I have this message : “Shit happened / D’OH”.
    Made me smile for the d’oh thing, but still doesn’t work… what can I try?

  3. Very cool. Looks great. One problem. I downloaded extra cars. When I open the game with these directions with the resolution changer and the text mod, it uses the original nfs.exe to open the game. So it doesnt load my extra cars!! The short cut .exe is the one with the -mod extension that loads mods to the game.
    Is there a way to change which .exe file location the resolution changer to use?? So it loads my other mods?

  4. all i get after downloading 82 MB and waits for 1 hour.. after that everytime i waits for 5 minutes and i get rubbish..
    and wait a second. where are my mod cars.. i want my sesto elimento back..

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  6. This is the best TP mod ever. Is there a way to integrate the textures them selves into game? ( so I don`t have to load them every time using TexMod) I am skilled with TexEd if that is needed.

  7. i make everything, step by step, but when i press “Run” (which is the last step) appears a window containing “D’OH, Shit Happened” and the game doesn’t start
    Help, please πŸ™‚

  8. THANKS BRO!!!!
    This MOD is great…. awesome… But it takes some time to load 5 – 8 minutes… but it works..

    AND 1 MORE THING!!!!!!
    Isn’t this available for LCD monitors? because I have a LCD monitor…
    JUST CURIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This is awesome great improvement if you follow the steps, and have v1.3 installed, see version when you load up game in main menu corner. Also the “shit happened” texmod msg vanished when I applied compatibity settings. And game works, but no mods :S

  10. I followed the directions and the textures aren’t loading correctly or something, the title screen says modern rockport so i supposed it worked but its not doing what its supposed to for some reason

  11. Install instructions:-
    1) Download NFS Most wanted Game from any source
    2) Download Patch 1.3 From here:-
    3) Install Patch (it will install itself and update registry entries)
    4) Download these files:-
    –>NFSMW Resolution Changer–>
    –>Modern Rockport Texture Mod–> Rockport 1.0.tpf
    5) Place them in NFS MW folder (individually)
    6) Open nfsmwres.exe and set your desktop resolution (check your desktop resoluton in desktop–>properties)
    7) Select v1.3 in nfsmwres.exe
    8) Dont close nfsmwres.exe, now open texmod.exe..
    9) In target application select speed.exe from Most wanted folder
    10) In package name select modern Rockport 1.0.tpf which you placed in Most wanted folder earlier
    11) Click run from text mod
    12) Wait for 1-2 mins (depends on the speed of ur hardware)
    13) After blank screen for brief period of time your game will start in HD mode
    14) Njoy game..
    15) Disable antivirus before doing this.

    • Actually it does not apply custom resolution from the NFSMWRes πŸ™‚ The game opens in maximum possible resolution 1280 Γ— 1080. Couldn’t make it work.

  12. so i have been trying to get the texture mod, and the widescreen fix working. and having no luck. i have everything on compatitblity mode to xp sp2. once i have evrything in texmod and hit run, the nfsmw icon pops up, and i can hear my disk start loading, and then i get a window stating connot locate the cd rom

  13. Hi! When I installed mod I had loading screen like you, but now something change and I have standard loading screen(start screen) with information “Modern Rockport” . Why its chance?

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